Count Cashtacular Slots

In the world of online gambling, to get the most substantial profits, one needs to brave the biggest risks, and in the case of the terrifyingly creepy world of Count Cashtacular, that sentiment is more valid than ever. If you can't stand horror films, you are definitely in for quite a challenging experience. Whatever passion you have for online gambling will be put to a true test once you step into the landscape depicting the curved path leading to the immensely demonic home of a vampire obsessed with money. The RTG artistic designers prove that they are not only capable of creating uplifting, inspiring, beautiful images but also ones that can make you scream for help.

Finding Yourself at the Mercy of the Count Will Be an Extraordinarily Profitable Risk

Whatever scare you face en route to the horrifying castle, nothing will be as awe-inspiring as the powers of the blood-sucking lord, which will prove to be extremely profitable for you, the player. Don't be afraid of your new hundreds of years-old friend; trust him, and he will provide you with 25 different ways of getting richer. You are dealing with a vampire, which means you will roll the dice one way or another, so you can't really know how good this relationship will turn out, but in the best-case scenario, the prize you can take from the Count Cashtacular palace is 50 000 coins.

Open the Gates to the Castle and Face Your Surprisingly Well-Paying Fears

Suppose you survive the nerve-wracking trip through the narrow road surrounded by an endless abyss and access the castle. In that case, you will encounter the most remarkable selection of creatures and items that is unnerving and beneficial in equal measure. It will all start with the image of a spider with yellow legs crawling across the walls.

Then the sequence of nightmarish sights will continue - you will take notice of a vampire cocktail of red liquid that you can easily guess, and next to it - an unnaturally curved candleholder. Things will get slightly more demonic once you catch a glimpse of a zombie emerging from underneath its gravestone, an opening coffin overstuffed with flying dollar bills and vampire's teeth.

Learn the Secrets of Eternal Fortune Through the Vampire Lord's Wild Powers

You will think twice before stroking the kitten with extremely evil eyes, and you would've definitely preferred to avoid contact with the zombie assistant if he wasn't so profitable. You might be more open with the pretty redhead lady, even though she also clearly belongs to the zombie race. Ultimately, however, Count Cashtacular will be superior, gifting 2000 credits.

The wild vampire royalty will further contribute to your financial prosperity via his power to spread his influence across the entire grid. So many great opportunities lurk in the shadows of the Cashtacular mansion, from dozens of free chances to spin the reels to options of tripling everything you have won.