Warrior Conquest Slots

Glorious Far East temples, majestic landscapes with a calmly flowing river cutting through the middle of a tranquil valley, and an enchanting starry night - a beautiful setting for any epic story. If you begin yours alongside the heroes of Warrior Conquest, you will conclude it as a hero who had fought side by side with mighty soldiers and a proud owner of quite a bit of money. RealTime Gaming is never really satisfied with delivering an experience that only looks good. They might impress you with a killer appearance at first glance, but that shouldn't fool you; by the end, you always remember the emotions and the payments first.

Leave the Way of the Samurai at the Door and Get Greedy

You will select this thrilling semi-fantasy adventure for the eye-candy looks and the noble aura of the awe-inspiring samurai warriors, but chances are that you will stay for the very special option, which expands the three-column grid. A great fighter does battle in the name of honor and to protect the innocent but make no mistake, you will march onto the battlefield for one purpose alone - to get hold of humongous fat earnings, and you will have the opportunity to collect the spoils of war not in one but 729 different ways. Slay enough beasts and prove your immense heroism enough times, and you might just obtain up to 2000 coins along the way.

Meet the Warriors That Will Clean Up Your Path to Riches from Any Foes

Turn your back on the card suits as fast as possible, pretend that this RTG adventure is completely original, and focus on the characters you will meet for maximum excitement. The blue fighter with the straw hat and the purple cloak looks quietly confident and will make a very specific impression on you with its enigmatic, almost villainous expression.

The purple samurai gives off a respectable aura with its silver helmet, even though he looks slightly overweight. The company of the two heroine warriors is even more enjoyable. The lady in green is about to send an enemy to Paradise, swinging her katana with a two-handed grip. The woman wearing scarlet armor is even more beautiful and intimidating, and rightfully so, since she will surprise you with the most substantial prize - 600.

The End of a Glorious Tale of a Wild Dragon and an Expanding World

If you are in the mood for more slot positions - three, six, or even nine, all you have to do is to line up the winning group of warriors. Meeting the fantasy beast of this story - the dragon, or rather its eye will also have its undeniable advantages because it magically turns into any one of the warriors. If your Asian combat quest turns out to be extra fortunate, you might also get 25 free opportunities to spin every position for more cash.