Penguin Palooza Slots

A breathtaking sight of marvelous pinkish skies stretching across the horizon and the soft silky surface of the Antarctic's snowbound plains and mountains will impress every gambler who makes the decision to venture into Penguin Palooza. It's a harsh world down there in the southern hemisphere with minus temperatures and freezing winds cutting through everyone and everything, but it is the friendship of the land's penguin inhabitants that will keep you warm. The artists of RealTime Gaming have done an excellent job taking the sting off the hostile environment creating a vast number of eye-candy visual elements, such as the icy constraints surrounding the five reels.

A Variety of Free Opportunities Will Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy Very Quickly

The venture to icy landscapes is worth it most of all because of the ridiculously high number of extra spins that you can utilize. Put on your warmest outfit and sharpen your social skills because you have to ensure that you join the penguin's welcome friend circle. Do that, and you will get a wide range of 25 ways of filling up your wallet. Stick around long enough around the adorable black and white flightless birds, and enduring the savage cold might just be worth it as you could be taking home a ridiculously oversized 50 000-credit prize.

Your Penguin Friends Will Surprise You With Their Contemporary Tastes

No game is perfect, and Penguin Palooza will disappoint you with the most boring icons in the whole genre - the card ones - apparently, not even the damaging, chilling challenges of the Poles can't spare players of their presence. If you ignore their existence and instead focus on the many great friends you will make during your stay in the Antarctic, you will instantly feel significantly happier. As it turns out, the penguins' everyday habits are not so different from those of regular people in modern society - who would have guessed?

A penguin is rocking a pair of neon-lit headphones, and another is wearing an extremely tall winter hat with white and green stripes. The scariest individual has incredibly expressive golden eyebrows and a striking scarlet scarf. The penguin who can offer the most profitable friendship appears to be a pilot - he has the goggles, the suit, and everything else required for a fighter jet flight.

Survive the Cold and Party in the Igloo to Terrific Results

The youngest of your new penguin friends has prepared a fascinating surprise for you - re-spins. You might not get too many of them, but once they get going, they might not stop. Do the best you can while they are at your disposal. Another way for you to generate a gratuitous amount of money would be to enter the comfort of the small, cozily lit igloo, which can grant you the privilege of ten free reel revolutions. These free chances for more money will also impress you with the ability to increase your funds five times.