Naughty or Nice: Spring Break Slots

Online betting can be an intense experience, and what better way to place wagers than to do it while relaxing on a hot summer day on the beach? If you find yourself out of luck during the season and for whatever reason you can't visit the seaside, don't worry - Naughty or Nice Spring Break has your back. As it turns out, not even Father Christmas, so used to the Finnish snows and the country's bleak weather, can resist the urge to get tan underneath the scorching sun. One has to give full credit to RTG for their outstanding consistency. At this point, the company is the online betting equivalent of a film production company in charge of multiple franchises, releasing installment after installment in various game series, Naughty or Nice being just one of the many.

Explore Your Wild Side Alongside Father Christmas on His Day Off

Walking onto a gorgeous beach with crystal clear sparkling water, coconut-dropping jungle trees, and all kinds of beautiful people in sight, the very first thing you want to do is to get involved, and that is precisely what the game's finest features allow you to do - make highly interactive choices as you swim to success. There is a wide range of options when it comes down to having fun at the dream-like beach; as a matter of fact - there is a total of thirty ways to do it. The one-of-a-kind summer experience is available at many great casinos.

You Won't Believe The Type of Well-Paying Individuals Who Have Chosen to Spend Their Summer on the Beach

With the notable exceptions of the extremely mundane card symbols, you will have ridiculous amounts of fun with the characters you will encounter across the seasidé's grid. Go for a dive in the sea, and the party begins. A happy dolphin will bring you the swimsuit of an unfortunate lady. A gentleman will showcase the latest shells he has caught from the seafloor. An old grandma, chilling in her inflatable ring, dressed for whatever reason as if she is about to cook a meal and brandishing her rolling pin, will stare you down in disgust. You can also have a fine drink. It is not even a little bit surprising that Father Christmas ends up stealing the show, offering the biggest prize holding a pretty girl under each arm.

Whichever Girl You Pick, You Won't Regret It

You can rely on the ridiculously profitable company of the two wild ladies, which occasionally keep Santa company at any time. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a feature that lets you pick one of the two and reap even more significant rewards. However, your perfect summer day won't be complete unless you initiate another well-paying option that can ultimately result in five hundred free chances for extra earnings.