Gem Strike Slots

Gem Strike Slots

As you find yourself in a slightly intimidating but undeniably gorgeous fantasy forest, you will test your innate fear of dimly lit locations and your adventurous spirit. Don't be afraid; venture in and admire tall trees and spectacularly sharp but majestic-looking crystals. Only a liar would deny the mesmerizing vibe of Gem Strike. Many awesome creative decisions are happening here, and perhaps the best of them all is the lack of light. Everything is engulfed in mystery, hitting you with a healthy dose of tension. It is just so dark that you will struggle to figure out if you are witnessing the interior of a cave or the stems of skinny and alien-looking trees.

RTG's Multipliers Will Cure Your Fear of the Dark

The five reels will get you on a collision course with an undeniably unique atmosphere that weaponizes the thrill of the unknown unlike any other game. However, the secret weapon of the slot is the way it multiplies everything you win if you do it several times in succession. The exciting venture will guide you through 25 pay lines, which can lead you to a wide range of exciting ways to beef up the sum you have stored in your bank account. Don't get discouraged by the overwhelming darkness; keep looking for that one big life-changing win, and you might get the most beneficial reward - 50 000 times the wager.

Leap Happily Across the Woods and Collect Huge Amounts of Cash from the Ground

Most symbol treasures you will pick up during your relaxing trip in the enigmatic woods are crystals of exciting colors and wondrous shapes. Some of them shine like snow, others have clearly defined shades - pink, orange, green, teal, purple, red, blue and there is a third kind of gem, which mixes multiple colors. The violet stone's prize is the best - 500. The stone that has more or less every color of the rainbow in it stands out with the replacing effect. The most relatable and familiar shape of all the crystals - that of lightning belongs to the gem activating the free spins.

Money Does Grow On Trees - Only in RTG's Magical Forest

Getting rich while having fun throughout the gloomy forest is a rare experience you are unlikely to encounter in many other games, if any, primarily because of a unique effect. Your wins will multiply by a more significant number if they happen in succession, and they can end up increasing threefold. However, during the free spins, you will go through even happier thrills because everything you win can grow up to five times. Ultimately, it seems like the fantastic location contains a forest of truly extraordinary capabilities, which grows not just vegetation and gorgeous crystals but also your money. One more positive piece of news awaits you amidst the trees: the fifty free spins you can claim if you get the proper sequence of precious stones on the grid.